garment that covers the midsection of a woman, very similar to a bathing suit. Often worn with tights. Used for dancing and exercise
"Stacy wore her leotard and tights to aerobics class"
by US Navy April 1, 2003
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a retard who wears only leopard skins.
you ever watch tarzan, what a leotard.
by rayza_069 March 9, 2010
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A slightly more PC way to say that someone is incredibly stupid, lacking in intelligence and also intolerably annoying (Credit goes to Dan Savage of The Stranger Seattle's Only Newspaper).
sales rep 1: "Gawd this customer is so dumb, she doesn't know the difference between USB and parallel"
sales rep 2: "How leotarded"

Ben is such a fucking leotard, he got arrested for trying to break into his neighbors house when he was drunk because he thought he lived there.
by poshellion July 28, 2009
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A tight-fitting piece of clothing that leaves the back exposed and creates a tight pouch around the pelvic area and buttocks. Extremely sexy. Often used for gymnastics and is part of the "ultimate outfit" along with tights, long gloves, and high heels.
"Wow leotards on girls is so hot. I wish I was a girl so I could wear one..."
by KrimsonKatt May 3, 2021
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A person with the irrational belief that Leonardo DiCaprio is a good actor.
"That Leotard thinks DiCaprio is the new Robert De Niro".
by SVEN SVENSSON May 7, 2014
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Leo, take off the football helmet, put your pants back on, stop trying to hump the throw pillows, and quit acting like a Leotard.
by Leo's Friend March 17, 2005
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A guy, usually named Lee, Leo. etc, that gets so sloppy drunk, he’ll walk right up to you at the bar and take a swig from your drink. He gets beer goggles for himself, thinks he’s hot shit all the sudden. Sometimes, when passed out, or not, the boys can get a tutu on the tard. Watch out ladies, he’s had every ho in town. Pretty sure he’s got the herp.
Oh great guys, Leotard walked in, watch your drinks. Dude, no worries, I have the tutu in my ride.
by Msjames44 February 3, 2019
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