(British slang) Rolling papers, esp. when rolling a joint.
by hux May 23, 2003
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An amazing British show that is soon to be slaughtered by MTV. Will probably be adored by preteen American girls. Will mess up every detail and every character.
Joe: I was watching Skins last night.
Cindy: That new show on MTV?!?!
Joe: No, dipshit, the real one.
by indieallie October 29, 2010
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a british drama on E4 every thursday which follows a group of 17 year olds in sixform college on a string of parties, drug scandles and affairs.
very true to reality.
very comman amongst scene people and when it is on the myspace bulliteboards get full up during adverts about skins.
me - no, i had to work
scenekid - omfg, loser.
me - shup scene kid.
by claire 4 March 19, 2007
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Slang name for the rizla paper required to roll a joint/spliff. Also known as your papers.
Yo dude you got any skins? We jus' picked up a fat eighth!!
by Rep August 24, 2004
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the team wearing no shirt in a game of pickup basketball.
shirts versus skins! let's hussle ladies!
by Sabi August 6, 2004
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