The teen drama which appears to have taken British television by storm.
The show follows the lives of the characters:

Tony, the popular, confident, 'hit with the ladies' boy.

Sid, Tony's best friend, and who is also in love with Tony's girlfriend. He's often left in Tony's shadow.

Chris, he's in love with their psychology teacher and generally enjoys excitement. Has a tendency not to think everything through before he does it.

Michelle, Tony's not so happily ever after girlfriend. She gives a lot more love than she receives.

Maxxie, a homosexual, he's not ashamed of his sexuality, and neither are his friends, apart from Anwar.

Anwar, is Maxxie's best friend, although he believes homosexuality is wrong. He has a strong like for women.

Jal, a very intelligent and financially comfortable girl who's mother died and lives in a very musical family, playing clarinet herself.

Cassie, an anorexic girl who is deeply in love with Sid, despite knowing he's in love with Michelle.

Effy, Tony's sister, she very rarely speaks, and it's mentioned the only one she can really feel comfortable around is her brother Tony.

Note: these character descriptions were formed from the first series alone.

The show itself shows the highs and lows of each character, as they fall in and out of love, drugs and friendship.

At first I didn't think it would be worth watching, hell, I was wrong~
Skins series 2 is now on TV!!!!

Shane Richie is also going to appear in the new series at some point as a teacher.
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1. noun. The stuff that decides if rednecks will like you or not
2. noun. Rolling papers
3. noun. A high five
4. noun. Used to describe somebody wearing revealing clothing
5. noun. Used to describe somebody who is in the nude
6. noun. Said when guys discuss how their time with a girl was if their time involved an unclothed woman.
1. "Damn it. My skin is all sunburned!"
2. "Get the skins, homie."
3. "Gimme some skin, dog!" *holds hand up for a high five*
4. "Wow, check that chick out. She sure is showing skin!"
5. "I was minding my own business on my deck yesterday, and some fine piece of ass walked by in the skin!"
6. "Man, you won't believe it. Last night I got skin from Tracy!"
by TangClock May 12, 2009
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An amazing British show that is soon to be slaughtered by MTV. Will probably be adored by preteen American girls. Will mess up every detail and every character.
Joe: I was watching Skins last night.
Cindy: That new show on MTV?!?!
Joe: No, dipshit, the real one.
by indieallie October 28, 2010
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The shit that makes sure your body doesn't fall apart. May also be used for fur or surface.
He liked the look of her skin.
He's got nice skin.
by Defekt February 06, 2003
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a british tv show. also the most amazing show ever made. It's basically about a group of teenagers who do drugs, have lots of sex, and make and break close friendships.

there are 4 different season, with the first seasons being with the same people. Once you see the first episode you're automatically hooked.

Unlike most of these tv shows, skins actually shows the real things that happen to teenagers
kylie: hey did u watch skins last night?
ariel: hell yea!!! it was soooo good. sid finally got with cassie.
by britlover123 April 18, 2010
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a british drama on E4 every thursday which follows a group of 17 year olds in sixform college on a string of parties, drug scandles and affairs.
very true to reality.
very comman amongst scene people and when it is on the myspace bulliteboards get full up during adverts about skins.
me - no, i had to work
scenekid - omfg, loser.
me - shup scene kid.
by claire 4 March 19, 2007
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