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The king of demons and one of the oldest and most powerful of the demon lords. He appears as a massive humanoid with three heads, one of a man, one of a dragon, and one of a toad. The toad head breaths poison while the dragon head breaths ice, and the head of man likewise breaths molten hellfire. Embodies the deadly sin of pride and is said to be the demonic form of the fallen angel Lucifer himself, also known as "The Satan" translated as "The Adversary," the dark lord and opposite of God. Was once worshiped widely in ancient mesopotamia, but has fallen out of popularity in modern times only worshiped by the most obscure occultic sects. Even Satanists don't worship him anymore.
"Beware Bael, lord of dark. His hatred against the rightous is unending, and he will stop at nothing to plunge all life into boundless chaos, anarchy, and sin."
by KrimsonKatt November 29, 2022
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The definition of a classic era 4chan user. Trollish sarcastic memelord not afraid to use dark humor but is actually woke and based and not some cringe Alt-Right edgelord you see all the time on there nowadays.
"Apandah is the perfect specimen, an actually good 4chan user from the Lost Age before the dreaded Reddit Invasion of 2017."
by KrimsonKatt January 25, 2022
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An insane British man who reviews video games while screamimg uncontrollably. His neighbors try to ignore him.
"Caddicarus is quite possibly the most mentally insane YouTuber ever and we love him for it."
by KrimsonKatt January 25, 2022
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A trans person in denial that is so in denial of their true self that they turn to bigotry, usually transphobia, in order to cope with their own fear and self hatred towards themselves. Prime for indoctrination by the far right.
Person 1: *insert thing here* is so woke! The liberals are at it again!
Person 2: Don't you literally draw genderbend/trans hentai for a living?
Persona 1: S...shut up! It's just a fetish for me! I'm not a degenerate trans like you! Baka!
Persona 2: Lol what a scrambled egg.
by KrimsonKatt June 6, 2023
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A website that hosts mainly RPG Maker games and some games for other engines. It has an extremely close and tight-knit community, and often hosts community events, game jams, and other events. It also possesses a forum and a review system where you can rate other people's games and even have your own games reviewed as well. Most games on there are free, but some are paid. It is run by the users Kentona and Liberty, the latter being a obscure streamer who is probably gay and uses a lot of profanity. She also has a very short temper.
"RMN is where I find good RPG Maker games to play. Meteo Chronicles is my favorite!"
by KrimsonKatt May 3, 2021
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A zora princess who is a character in Zelda Breath of the Wild and Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity. She has healing powers and stuff. Link's GF.
by KrimsonKatt December 20, 2020
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A less vulgar way of saying "shitass" to get past profanity filters in games like Roblox. Also used in SFS (safe for school) minecraft memes.
"Hey poopbutt, wanna see my speedrun?"
by KrimsonKatt August 3, 2021
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