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Semi-popular YouTuber that mainly covers the Fire Emblem and more recently the Advance Wars series. He has made multiple detailed ROM hacks and is well know for his trademark memes and commentary style, but was cancelled in 2020 causing most of the mainstream FE community to abandon him. He still makes videos however and has a extremely loyal fanbase to this day.
"Mangs is by far one of the best Fire Emblem YouTubers."
by KrimsonKatt January 25, 2022
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A somewhat obscure Edutainment console made by Leapfrog Inc popular from 2003-2009 that was mostly used by strict helicopter parents as an alternative to "normal" video game consoles for their children. Is very similar design-wise to an original game boy advance, but possesses a backlight and a primitive touchscreen. Most of the games featured on the console were based on various movie and TV show licenses, most if not all being poor-quality minigame collections. Some of the standout games on the console included Batman: Power in Numbers, Sonic X, (the most obscure sonic game of all time) and Star Wars The Clone Wars Jedi Math.
Guy 1: Hey, do you remember the leapster? You know, that edutainment console similar to the game boy advance?
Guy 2: No?
Guy 1: Wow, it really is that obscure.
by KrimsonKatt August 3, 2021
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A tight-fitting piece of clothing that leaves the back exposed and creates a tight pouch around the pelvic area and buttocks. Extremely sexy. Often used for gymnastics and is part of the "ultimate outfit" along with tights, long gloves, and high heels.
"Wow leotards on girls is so hot. I wish I was a girl so I could wear one..."
by KrimsonKatt May 3, 2021
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A zora princess who is a character in Zelda Breath of the Wild and Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity. She has healing powers and stuff. Link's GF.
by KrimsonKatt December 20, 2020
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An anime where you watch extremely detailed and over-animated tights sway for 12 minutes straight per episode. Only for the most die hard of foot fetishists and thigh lovers.
"Miru Tights is the perfect example of a fetish anime. No substance, just non-stop horniness for 12 minutes per episode. If you want a "fetish anime" with an actually good plot, watch Bunny Girl Senpai instead."
by KrimsonKatt January 25, 2022
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A female character from Genshin Impact who is an ultra-hot wizard with a hella thicc ass. She wears a shining purple leotard and glimmering tights along with golden high-heels, making her even more attractive. She also possesses long black hair put into two twintails. She is known for being poor and is always looking for food. I wish I could adopt her and she could be my wife forever. Maybe she can even find a spell to swap our bodies for a bit. UWU
"Mona from Genshin Impact is the most attractive character of all time."
by KrimsonKatt May 3, 2021
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An obscure transformation fetish webcomic on DeviantArt that has incredibly deep and in-depth lore for some unexplainable reason.
"MSF High is such a weird read. On one hand, it's clearly made by and for transformation fetishists to rock their socks off to, but on the other hand the lore is actually super well written and really in-depth."
by KrimsonKatt January 13, 2022
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