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All is good, no harm done
"Im sorry", the boy said to his teacher. "No worries", his teacher replied.
by Z March 01, 2003
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The most common phrase in the Australian vocabulary. May be used adequately in situations ranging from benign endings to conversations to matters of earth shattering importance.
1. "See ya later mate" - "No worries"
2. "Bob, your girlfreind is about to have the baby of a mutated albino dwarf conceived in Antartica while identifying the mating habits of plankton of varying sizes" ..... "No worries"
3. "Dave just cut his thumb off using the oxy" - "No worries - is he still coming up the pub later?"
by Genghis March 09, 2005
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Strine expression: means no problem at all. Regularly heard in the walkabout
Got my Aussie dayer said thanks to the Aussie lass who served me, she replied "no worries"
by TheBritboylangers February 04, 2005
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Expression meaning you've completely inconvienced me and I'm hurt, but out of respect for you I'm going to keep the peace. Often followed by "mate" to indicate you not only want to keep the peace but also want to remain friends.
No worries. I'll pick it up.
No worries. I'll finish it for you.
I just broke it accidently. No worries.
by Julekvinde September 06, 2018
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