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Something you do to malfunctioning objects to make them work again.
The TV remote wasn't working, so I gave it a strong hit on the back and now it's working like a charm.
by numandina May 23, 2007

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Best song ever. It was remade by Led Zeppelin and featured on their debut album. Hear it.
Babe I'm gonna leave you shows how much Plant's voice rocks!
by numandina July 23, 2006

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A large book that existed since the dawn of time. Contains all tricks ever known to man, sorted by date.
You told her you were gay so you'd get closer to her? That's the oldest trick in the book, and won't work either!
by numandina September 27, 2010

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A special type of celebration that occurs after you have taken a gigantic shit. The method of action is, as soon as the disaster falls, you jump in the air as high as possible with a clinched fist while shouting "YEEEEAAAHHHH!!!".
The bathroom floor was painted brown and dripping due to John's most recent celebshit-tion.

Never celebshitate if you have diarrhea. Amanda figured this out the hard way.
by numandina October 29, 2008

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