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somebody who's head is so thick they are often drop outs. quitters.

some side effects are: they trip a lot. laugh at jokes a little too late.

but beware, some people have these side effects because they were dropped on their head as a child or just plain ate too much candy.
Britney: like oh my gosh! today i learned how to spell bus

Jessica: umm.... wow. (how the crap do you spell bus wrong?) how did you spell it?

Britney: B-U-S-S

Jessica: DANG! you must be some sort of lead head!
by mads_101_awesome November 02, 2010
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Leadhead is the head of The Lead Sheet Association (LSA)
But who is the "Leadhead?" and would he be happy with your Leadwork? Some say he lives in Salisbury Wiltshire.

The main aim of doing Leadwork is to one day become the "Leadhead" (Head of Lead)
leadwork lead lead sheet leadhead head of lead
by Fakelondonboy January 29, 2011
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an individual that marks the highest degree of the pro gun standpoint. a "Lead Head" lives and breaths firearms, They have extensive knowledge on any gun from every era and origin, they work to master every weapon they can get their hands on and have very large firearm collections, often times arsenals. A "Lead Head" has very expensive taste in firearms but will not hesitate to pack rat any low grade, broken or malfunctioning firearms if offered them or if the price is right, Such weapons usually get refurbished, used for their parts or get converted into some kind of illegal abomination. The term "Lead Head" implies that the person's brain is made of lead and encased in a copper jacket, just like a bullet. A "lead Head" is different than a redneck in that they do not particularly care for hunting unless it's for looters, illegal immigrants, or UN soldiers who have come to disarm The American people, and their gun knowledge far transcends that of any redneck. "Lead Heads" consider themselves better than most lower echelon gun owners and sometimes even gun dealers. It is not uncommon for them to bury guns and ammunition when politically startled.
Carl: That gun is old and hasn't been cleaned very well, the firing pin may be too far forward withing the bolt resulting in a dangerous slam fire!
Rick: This is too hazardous to keep around, what am I going to do with it.
John: I'll take it.
Rick: But it's dangerous.
John: Dude I am a Lead Head, free gun isn't a hard equation for me.

Criminal: This gun is stolen and has a shady history, it costs 10 dollars.
Lead Head: Hmmm I know i shouldn't but... Let me flip a coin.
by Madcat18 November 17, 2008
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The state of a person's head after eating too much food. The head looks heavy because it is hard to breathe.
Bra, why does your head look so heavy.

Dude I ate too much. I have freaking lead head.
by TheBigSmooth25 June 12, 2018
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Someone who never realizes what theyre missing out on. One who continues to screw up time and time again.
I know a skank bitch thats a definite lead head. mm hmmm.
by Stevie Y December 26, 2004
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