the upper echelon of bitches. To describe a bitch that has crossed beyond the normal realm of bitches. The skank prefix brings a unique power to the word bitch when used in conjunction. Almost always used in disgust and retaliation. Also used to describe a supremely active whore/slut. Synonymous with Stank hoe and trifling heifer
"That skank bitch is gonna get her ass whooped when I see her."
by Eddie Sin Queso May 10, 2006
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It is used when calling someone a skank but with more emphasis so they sound better. Skank was used when people didnt swear now they do they still use the old words with swearing.
a gurl is sat on her own that doesnt have the best style or something like that another gurl comes past with a group of friends and they are being bitchy and 1 of them says "what a skank bitch" then goes back to the conversation she had before.

It is also used in different terms e.g skank whore, skank hoe e.t.c. then those terms are used when in a bitchin fight.
by lil-miss-bex July 6, 2005
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a girl who acts scandalously towards a person out of jealousy. the girl is jealous because her significant other is still in love with their ex-girlfriend. in result the "scanda-jealous skank bitch" talks shit about the ex-girlfriend because she is so jealous that she can never be her!!!
Its not my fault your girlfriend still wants me you scanda-jealous skank bitch! so go ahead, cry me a river; and then, build a bridge and get over it!
by {{}} September 4, 2010
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A woman who is either:
1)A whore
2)an ex
3)a general annoyance
4)just someone that you hate more than life itself (not necessarily a girl)
Me: I hate my girlfriend. She's such a bitch.
My Friend (sleeping w/ her behind my back): Hell no! She's a SKANK ASS bitch. get it strait.
by v town der smexy 1 December 10, 2006
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a girl who gets every single guy, whenever she finds a good one she leaves him multiple times for dumbass scrubs
skank ass bitch:omg "i love "JR" so much but i still hang all over other guys."

ALS: Ashlee your such a skank ass bitch! :O
by ALS aka vain May 28, 2008
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Woman or girl that is a slack looser, a hoe, or just trash, no bath or shower, smells nasty, no makeup.
NiggaEarl: It sure is a nice day today.

Lil'Don: Yep it sure is, except, whats that smell.

Jon-JonJohnson: I think its your meat, man, your meat stinks.

RayRay: Naw its that skank legged bitch over there. Man she's a nasty hoe.

RobertRoberts: No thats u, u nadd sniffing troll.
by Ren Walkero September 13, 2008
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