62 definitions by Stevie Y

Just before a male ejaculates, the woman positions herself beneath him and allows his semen to drip onto her open vagina.
Jodie loved to get the cumshot on her face, particularly her forehead, but she had couldnt resist when Johua asked to do the Manhattan apple tree.
by Stevie Y February 13, 2006
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The act of two men slapping a woman (or man in a homosexual sense) in the face with two or more scrotums. Good for porn still shots, or a good laugh.
Before exploding on Cheryl's face, Henry and Aaron gave each other the signal, and then sac attacked that slut...that's what she gets for scraping with her teeth.
by Stevie Y July 19, 2005
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Leaving a minor streak on the toilet paper after deficating. Not wiping for a full clean so to speak. Performed only by the few that choose to live life on the edge.
Sam underwear had some unusual markings, he must have been rockin' the streak.
by Stevie Y November 11, 2004
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When two individuals engage in oral sex and the beard of the gentleman tangles itself with the pubic hair of the woman. Usually acheived while in the sexual position of sesenta nueve, that's 69 for all you non-hispanics.
"Ouch!" screamed Gertrude...
"Whats wrong?" Leonard asked.
"I think have ourselves a naughty knot" she replied.

Some hairy bitches never learn.
by Stevie Y December 21, 2004
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A woman's vagina that very much resembles the private region of the bear-like animal known as the Panda. With an enormous growth of hair, frightening to look at.
Couldnt wait to get in her pants, then I almost wet mine when I seen her panda carpet...that shit was scary!
by Stevie Y April 11, 2005
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A mother who is just off the hizzle. You know, one that cleans the house, cooks the food, and most importantly buys you beer. Ya swiffin'?
When the fridge aint stocked, you can always count on a phenom mom.
by Stevie Y December 03, 2004
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Essentially it is the vaginal region of a human female. Sought after for its unusual texture, occasional moistness, and pleasuring characteristics.
Even with a floppy cock, Douglas was always trying to get some pink folder on the weekends
by Stevie Y October 25, 2005
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