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trimming or shaving body hair for aesthetic effect. may involve tanning too.
jonathan's so gay. he shaves everything below his collar and calls it landscaping.
by minghi May 17, 2003
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To swing, miss the ball entirely, and dig up grass with your golf club
"Dude, did you see Max on the golf course today?"

"Yea, I saw him. He was sweet with his r11. Matt on the other hand was doing some serious landscaping"
by Glory Hole 121 November 20, 2011
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What you do when you're road tripping.
T.J.: Dude, you alright, you doing okay? You got the munchies?
S: I’m cool; I’m just landscaping right now.

by Gamelegs April 09, 2009
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The defeintion of the is the background.
I see the landscaping of art do you and how do you know?
via giphy
by DAUHLID# October 06, 2020
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