50 definitions by minghi

verb: to exctinguish a cigarrette in such a way as to make it relightable.

noun: a partially smoked cigarrette saved for later
cigs are so expensive these days that i clip mine when i have to put 'em out, and finish 'em later.
by minghi May 7, 2003
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a slangy outdated way of saying "anal sex"
we were corn cobbing all night, until his ftaher caught us and chased me out with a shotgun.
by minghi April 27, 2003
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v. to undergo a plastic surgery operation in which the folds of skin above the eyes of aperson of east asian origin are reduced, and made to look more racially "neutral" or caucasian.
its such a shame when people get their eyes de-chinked.
by minghi June 1, 2003
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riding around in tight circles in a car, often resulting in circular tire-marks on the pavement reminiscent of doughnuts.
doing doughnuts in an SUV is bound to lead to a roll-over.
by minghi January 29, 2004
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taking 4 or more pills of dramamine at once to induce intoxication.
i dramatripped once. it was bad. i don't suggest it-not even if its the closest thing to drugs you can get.
by minghi June 1, 2003
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being high on acid, weed, whippits, and alcohol simultaneously.
man, wendy was droke trizz last night! the scariest part was that i couldn't tell the difference . .
by minghi April 27, 2003
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bleary red-eyed college kids drink red-eyes around finals time.
by minghi June 1, 2003
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