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a trick done with inhaled smoke (presumably of a cigarrette, or joint). It involves sucking smoke from the cig into the mouth without inhaling it completely, then opening the mouth and pushing out the smoke with the tongue while inhaling it through the nose.
i thought french inhaling was cool until i did it and my sinuses felt like shit
by minghi April 27, 2003
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a prep-hippy. someone who's caught in limbo between subcultures.
khakis and shined shoes don't work with tie died shirts and hemp necklaces with psychedelic pot-leaf beads, u silly pippy
by minghi May 17, 2003
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the greasy build-up on that forms on the inner surfaces of weed paraphernalia after smoking. It can be scraped off and smoked as if it were hash. smoking resin is not as good as hash though, and this frugal practice is looked down on in some circles as being ghetto, or the last resort of a kid with no weed.
i love the pipes with chambers in them to hold a chunk of weed to get resinated. that resinated chunk is pretty strong.
by minghi May 7, 2003
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an amorphous undelineated mass of tit, often caused by old age sagginess or bras that squish them together. in theory, it could be a single cycloptic tit.
i think george bush sould have a huge uniboob implanted on his forehead.
by minghi May 23, 2003
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a lesbian sex act which involves a certain mesure of flexibility. its rubbing and bumpung vaginas together
my dyke friends shave b4 bumping clams; man, i hope they dont get nether-beard burn!
by minghi May 17, 2003
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verb: to exctinguish a cigarrette in such a way as to make it relightable.

noun: a partially smoked cigarrette saved for later
cigs are so expensive these days that i clip mine when i have to put 'em out, and finish 'em later.
by minghi May 7, 2003
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