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This is the abbreviation for I Owe You.
Hey man, I am a little short on dough give me 5 bucks and I'll give you an IOU.
by gofishgo January 08, 2007

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A confusing or gaudy action. Razzle dazzle. Double talk.
During all of the shouting and razzmatazz at the annual voodoofest, we felt things were going better than last year.
by gofishgo December 12, 2006

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The hardest name in the NFL to spell and pronouce.
T.J. Houshmandzadeh is a great receiver, but don't ask me how to spell his name.
by gofishgo December 16, 2006

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A wonderful movie starring Kevin Costner. The movie flopped in the U.S. but managed to double profits overseas. It was filmed in 1995.
Waterworld was some of Costner's best work.
by gofishgo February 09, 2007

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A Mexican bird. Not to be confused with the novel To Kill A Mockingbird.
El Paso is full of Tequila Mockingbirds.
by gofishgo January 13, 2007

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A nickname that was givin to the greatest basketball player to ever hit the court... Larry Bird, who else? The greatest player in Celtics history.
Larry Legend always showed Magic Johnson who was the boss.
by gofishgo December 24, 2006

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1 fl oz vodka
4 fl oz orange juice
1/2 fl oz Galliano

Pour vodka and orange juice over ice cubes in a glass.
Stir and float Galliano on top.

The proper way to make this tasty beverage.
I woke up this morning with a thirst for HARVEY WALLBANGER.
by gofishgo May 17, 2007

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