the actual best person in the world. They care about their girlfriend so so much it’s unreal. They are crazy funny and so nice. Angelos can sometimes be called a player but for some people he isn’t. They are too cute to be true and are soooo handsome. They’d do anything for their girl. Angelos tend to be very loyal to their friends even when they move, change school, stop talking, and much more.
Is that Angelo??
Yepppp isn’t he a cutie❤️❤️
by softball1319 November 16, 2018
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This name means a messenger of god “Angel” they are usually very handsome, smart, and down to earth dude they like having chill talks and are a lady magnet and they are really good kissers and really really good in bed.
Dude why is Angelo so sexy and hot I just want him to take me already🤤🤤
by BigThangOnly November 5, 2019
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A seriously sexy, sweet, funny, crazy boy. A guy that every girl tends to fall for and is loved by all his friends. He may also be considered as "papi" or "papacito" by a girl that really likes him.
Angelo papi fuck me ;)
by brunettequeen_ October 15, 2019
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Angelo is the guy who is doing it right now. We don't know what he is doing but he's doing it, also he has this thing, it's not normal but he has it. Angelo is usually where he is now, we just don't know where exactly. Angelo is the type of guy that always notices things, again, no one knows what it is he notices.
Me: Yo, Angelo, why are you over there?
Me: He is gone
by DeadMachine February 7, 2020
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He has a big dick
Damn did you see that guy? I bet he is an Angelo.
by Definitely not Angelo April 26, 2020
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Italian male name meaning Angel or messenger of God. Usually the funniest person you will ever meet. An Angelo can turn any situation into a hilarious situation. An Angelo is also kind, caring, and giving. An Angelo will also do anything for the girl he loves even if she doesn't love him back.
girl1:"My friend just bought me tickets to this concert all my friends are going to cause i couldn't afford it and he didn't want me to be left out!"
girl2: "the guy who had everyone rolling at the mall that one day?"
girl1: "yeah he makes everything funny"
girl2: "hes the one in love with his best friend and does everything for her right?"
girl1: "yeah he'd do anything just to see that girl smile"
girl2: "he is such and Angelo"
by Mr. E the III July 16, 2011
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Remember Angelo, you are poggers. You are pogchamp. You are not cringe.
by KiwiPimpin June 27, 2020
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