So much so that you appear shiny and two-dimensional. Usually because you are covered in saliva/beer/puke and are are on the floor.
Let me tell you pal, I got absolutely laminated last night!
by drjozard February 8, 2010
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'My lyics are so tight that I keep them laminated'
by andyskizzle May 23, 2004
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An extremely handsome man who is smart, strong, and creative.
wow that boy is so talented he is almost lamine.
by mohamed sadoun October 31, 2007
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Known as a male role model for the group, people follow his ways as he is cool.
by sanjay pandrabi April 29, 2005
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When used in reference to a picture, typically of a person that one finds attractive, the act of ejaculating on the picture to create a film, or laminate, over the top surface of it.
Kelly just gave me a pic of her, I'm gonna go home an laminate this bia.
by teeoce September 26, 2008
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Sexiest guy you will ever meet. Lamin can get with ANY girl, just like that. Aside from that he is also the nicest, most respectable guy one can ever be lucky enough to befriend.
Did you hear about Lamin last night? He went home with two dimes...
by GOATweed June 30, 2011
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A machine used to apply plastic onto various films, most usually posters to preserve the posters from colour fade and as protection against tearing. Laminating can be done using cold films or thermal films. Thermal films are run at approx 110-130 degrees.

Laminators are also a pain to set up and usually cause minor burns on fingers and backs of hands when using heat shoe machines as it is a metal plate that heats up rather than the roller itself.
Could you put this poster through the laminator to preserve it for me

Holy shit, the fucking laminator just burnt me while I was trying to set it up again.
by Explosive Sushi August 4, 2009
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