a person who sets a good example and someone who shows younger kids how to act. They truly care about the kids who look up to them and always make sure to help them out or make them feel special. They inspire everyone around them with their good attitude. role models are amazing!
Role models are so important and I'm so grateful to have good ones!
by Datfangirl June 14, 2018
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as a small child: the firefighter that came to your school and showed you the fire truck
as a middle schooler: the shitty celebrity or artist that your classmates talk about on a daily basis
as a high schooler: your older sibling who gets plastered daily in college and refuses to acknowledge social norms
Teacher: Okay, class, who is your role model? *big fake smile*
MiddleSchoolKid 1: Your Mom.
MiddleSchoolKid 2: Your Mom jokes aren't funny anymore. that was so 2007. *flicks back hair in bitchiest possible way*
MiddleSchoolKid 1: *wipes tear off cheak* okay, my role model is Lindsey Lohan
MiddleSchoolKid 2: coke whore
by wittyname January 17, 2010
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1. Someone that cares enough to set a good example for kids to look up to.

2. Someone that strives to be a decent human being
by Mack Z. November 19, 2007
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Nelson mandela is my role model as he represents a passionate individual that strives to end black segregation.
by Role Models September 24, 2018
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Isn’t do the right thing when people are watching, it’s so the right thing when no people are watching
by Herbert4Life November 6, 2018
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