A term often used by surfers to describe the water condition when it has no chop. When the ocean is smooth.
Dude, the surf was overhead and glassy! It was so sweet!
by Jacob February 20, 2005
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mostly Used By Sikhs For A Glass Of Alcohol e.g. Beer, Vodka
Amar: Im Goin For Glassy now, Wanna Come???
by Nessa123 February 24, 2008
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adj. cool and annoying at the same time
Your mother seemed to think having my manhood in her butthole was glassy.
by jimmy ivory April 2, 2004
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a glass water bong used for smoking marijuana.
dammit jen, you knocked over the glassy and spilled the bong water!
by Amy Stevens December 23, 2004
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Made of glass; vitreous; as, a glassy substance.

Resembling glass in its properties, as in smoothness, brittleness, or transparency; as, a glassy stream; a glassy surface; the glassy deep.

Dull; wanting life or fire; lackluster; -- said of the eyes.

Glassy feldspar Min., a variety of orthoclase; sanidine.
"In his glassy eye."
by Blueberry Snow April 8, 2004
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A weak as piss sad excuse for a bloke, who stabs his mates in the back, also can be described as a scab, scab dog, scab dog cunt, grub, grub cunt.
If you every meet this type of person they may try to put the hammer down, and claim his own nick name... "Thor"

Not to worry to much though, as their home is normally under the boss' desk. Yes, you will find they are wearing knee pads and have lose lips.
Glassy: "why are you out of uniform?"
Bloke: "We're not coming in to work today, we are backing our brothers up!"
Glassy: "That's bullshit why?, see you on the bus..."
Bloke: "Your a scab dog cunt Glassy grub. Out Brothers OUT!"
Glassy: "Switch on bitches!"
Bloke: "Fuck that grub cunt, I've never meet such a cum guzzling scab dog cunt, what a glassy!"
by Godoftheworld November 21, 2013
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