(noun) A person with a never-ending, intense desire to produce based on originality of thought, expression, etc. that impacts nearly every aspect of their life, both in negative and positive ways.
Steve Martin is a true creative.
by Nadine Key September 27, 2013
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A quality that most people don't have. Being creative means you have the ability to think up many different types of art. See originaloriginality
Her painting is beautiful, she's so creative.
by my name April 6, 2004
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A person who can think of lots of lies quickly.
"No, because Jim's dog ran away, and we found it in a movie theater, and there was a movie that was rated R so we couldn't go in so we had to wait and by the time the movie finished we found the dog wasn't there."
by Opaque December 27, 2005
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doing art, singing, dancing, writing short stories, writing poetry, etc.
~ to sing in your high school/coollage choir
~doing a dance class
~ creative writting {outside of a class(just for fun)}
by citygirl365365 September 15, 2011
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Piece of shit company that sells good mp3 players, but doesnt know how to fucking make a headphone jack, so pretty much in one month, your mp3 player is ruined
Last year I bought the Creative Zen Micro. I was psyched. It was $50 less than an iPod mini, and held one gigabyte of more music. It also had a FM radio and a voice recorder built in, which you had to pay an extra $60 for both on an iPod. But 5 days after my warranty expired, the headphone jack was dead and I went online to find out a ton of their mp3 players were defective and weren't offering to repair them for free.
by damian said this :-D October 26, 2005
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A word used as a euphemism to describe an individual who is immature, irresponsible, completely disorganized and generally has no control over their life. Creatives often lack natural intelligence and consistently fail to follow through on any promises.

"Creative" is often used incorrectly as an excuse for not wanting to do work or missing deadlines at one's job. It is often used by those who describe themselves as this very word.

I don't know why I bothered hiring these creatives. This logo they designed looks cool, but the deadline for it was three months ago.


(Rolls eyes). My boss is angry at me for not turning any of my assignments in the last three months. He just doesn't understand creatives! UGH.
by coolkatz321 January 12, 2015
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playing childishly with obvious, known or old information and ideas can produce something new and great. This is creativity. It is the engine of imagination and the keel of not just science and art, but all intelligence, problem solving and dealing with life in general. Every child is born creative. Its our key challenge to help our kids preserve their creativity into adulthood.
by johnisnow March 20, 2009
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