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a crazy intelligent, incredibly awesome person! she acquires a goofy side that is hardly seen. she is quite witty and cares greatly about those closest to her. you will never forget her
whoa who was that cool chick i just met?

ooo her? yea, that was freakin kymber!
by m6789 October 29, 2010
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A rockin all around girl. Shes smart, pretty and super nice! She puts other before her self more than not. And she has this rocking body every girl wants
by jg263 October 28, 2015
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She is overall an awesome girl. Her name is almost as cute as she is. Even though she is the most addorable thing ever, she will argue with anyone who says she is. She is very self conscious about her weight and her looks, weather or not she should (she shoulnd't). At first she may seem shy, but once you get to know her she is very giggly, fun, and playful. She cares about many people like no one else ever could. Although she would never hurt anyone on purpose, be careful she might bite. She is the star player on her Soccer and Volleyball team and all the guys have a secret crush on her at least once in there life. She is likley to fall in love with someone that goes by the name of Andy, George, Micheal, Luke, or Terrance. She is also likley to live in one of the following states...... Montana, Delaware, Wisconsin, Maine, Oregon, or Arkansas. If you ever meet a Kymber, don't let her go, just don't. You'll regret it.
God Kymber is sooooooo cute
by JustHangING November 06, 2018
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