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She is overall an awesome girl. Her name is almost as cute as she is. Even though she is the most addorable thing ever, she will argue with anyone who says she is. She is very self conscious about her weight and her looks, weather or not she should (she shoulnd't). At first she may seem shy, but once you get to know her she is very giggly, fun, and playful. She cares about many people like no one else ever could. Although she would never hurt anyone on purpose, be careful she might bite. She is the star player on her Soccer and Volleyball team and all the guys have a secret crush on her at least once in there life. She is likley to fall in love with someone that goes by the name of Andy, George, Micheal, Luke, or Terrance. She is also likley to live in one of the following states...... Montana, Delaware, Wisconsin, Maine, Oregon, or Arkansas. If you ever meet a Kymber, don't let her go, just don't. You'll regret it.
God Kymber is sooooooo cute
by JustHangING November 7, 2018
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A team that scores 27 points in the first half and then throws 5 interceptions by the end of the third quarter and looses the game by 3 points. Also makes the playoffs and is beat by the Steelers every year in the first round.
God the Cincinnati Bengalsblew another 10 point lead
by JustHangING November 5, 2018
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An instrument that is actually quite amazing and has a rich sweet tone, but no one cares about because it looks like a bamboo stick with a metal pipe and holes. It is obnoxiously expensive and whomever plays it is likley to play multiple instruments and is very talented and smart. I play Trumpet so i wouldnt know
Gavin: Oh whats a Basoon agian?
Me: never mind
by JustHangING November 5, 2018
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something you say when your texting the girl you like and you don't know if she's still on her phone so u say yeet so she texts back because asking if she's on or not would sound to desprite
Im goint to yeet on some haters
by JustHangING November 5, 2018
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