The perfect greeting: pleasantly surprised, enthusiastic, casual, and friendly.

Tell a friend "Oh hey!"
Dan: Oh hey!
Robert: Oh hey!
by Good cheese May 22, 2018
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agreeing with someone in a conversation; derived from the language Jag
Scooter Mcdoogle: "You wanna get drunk?" Jake Schrader: "oh hey!"
by Jake January 8, 2005
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A comment made to a friend/colleague/coworker who is female with an emphasis on the "hey" (Ha-y). Appropriate anytime.

Also see: Oh Hay Gurl
Oh Hey Girl, did you watch The Bachelor last night?

Oh Hey Girl, how was your party?

Oh Hey Girl, guess who just asked to be my friend on MySpace!
by LAS115 May 1, 2007
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An old meme used to define someone as stupid by saying a brick fell on their head.
Rose: Why am I named Rose?
Dad: Because a rose fell on your head when you were a baby
Daisy: Why am I named Daisy
Dad: Because a daisy fell on your head when you were a baby
Brick: stupid quote
Dad: Oh hey Brick
by dean_playz November 22, 2021
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The act of using a branded wristband given at special events to reiterate the fact that you work for said company by placing the wristband in photos that bear no relevancy. Often posted in Facebook pictures.
Look at Juan, he just posted an oh hey, it's me pic in his Facebook mobile uploads. We get it, you work for *******.
by juanchobubba October 25, 2011
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What mean guys say when they're about to jock.
Oh fucking heyyy dude, ready to drop a duce on these retards?
by ii epic426 ii September 28, 2010
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Often used after or is it...
it is just a way of expression such as like burn or face.
Commonly used by awesome people from wisconsin. Every one joins in on the Hey-oh after Some one says or is it...
It is just for fun
Guamy- im not gay... Or Am I... HEY-OH!
Kevin-......................... HEY-OH!

by KevZero Pearson September 9, 2007
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