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A term used by someone who wants commitment out of someone who is out of their league.
"I found out he was just a fuckboy, I will not make the same mistake again!"
by cyberphunkisms November 3, 2018
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A physical condition characterized by sudden and uncontrollable episodes of deep sleep while watching the Olympics, due to boredom and/or apathy.
Person 1: I don't like the Olympics because it just seems like its the modern day equivalent to a war cry for ones country, except the bloodshed is miles away.

Person 2: I don't like it because I tend to get Olympic Narcolepsy.
by cyberphunkisms February 23, 2010
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poo, shit, crap

pronounced: Shee - it while saying it fast
snoop dogg style
this weed is the shyt
by cyberphunkisms March 23, 2006
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when you take a last stand, when you holdfast, and still all is lost.
damn, i just read a story about how the women and old people who didn't want to submit to arab rule. They picked up weapons and though they got a lot of kills, they still got totally massacrude in a cave.
by cyberphunkisms June 14, 2022
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crazy + drunk
used to issue an extreamly drunk person
now is used for DRUNK + HIGH
yo man, i got some weed, i got some liquor, in a couple o mins, im gona be krunk quicker
by cyberphunkisms March 5, 2006
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1) Alternate spelling and pronunciation for Bieber, with an intent to mock.
2) Solid Bubbles
You left the milk out, now its bieblered.
by cyberphunkisms February 22, 2011
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