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31 definitions by cyberphunkisms

The Anarchic Governments Paradox is the idea that the governments/nations/violent monopolies of the world, exist within their own anarchy - while governments proclaim themselves as the heroes who have defeated the evils of anarchy, they themselves live within it.
Jessie's love life is as messed up as the Anarchic Governments Paradox.
True dat.
by cyberphunkisms April 29, 2009
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A) An individual strand of connection that may be collected to build a relationship.

B) One factor of a relationship.
Sam and Alex had found their connectionships unfold from several hobbies to singing songs and being parents.
by cyberphunkisms February 11, 2018
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the combination of cringe and carnage. like the invasion of ukraine
wow such a crange (crangeful) destruction
by cyberphunkisms June 28, 2022
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"People" / "every body" in an intersectional neoliberal universe.
Everyoney please settle down, the event is about to begin.
by cyberphunkisms September 4, 2021
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this is the slang for "them"
ya guna grab dum snuk boi?
by cyberphunkisms June 22, 2007
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When two friends or lovers who have not seen each other for a while enthusiastically move to greet one another, reminiscent of the many parodies and movies where this usually happens in a field of flowers.
Person 1: "When she got off the bus and they noticed each other, they both ran to hug and make out"

Person 2: "What a total field moment!"
by cyberphunkisms April 13, 2010
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Short for finger fatigued.
Having tired fingers after having fingered a girl.
I had such a major case of fingfat last night, i had to take a break while she took over.
by cyberphunkisms April 29, 2009
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