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When you are sobering up after being high. Usually the most "out of it" moment because the person feels tired and very lazy.
"You listening?"
"Sorry, it's hard to keep up 'cause I'm fading"
by 4r13 October 23, 2007
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when your feelings for a person still stand and you have to watch them walk away.
our love is fading.
by mariah. February 10, 2019
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When you are losing all connection with society. You are drifting away. All your emotions are leaving and you're being left with emptiness. You lose yourseld. All your motivation and smiles are nom-existing. Every part of you is gone.
After everything I've ever through, I'm finally fading away.
by LolaCatalanaPerfect May 20, 2019
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Fading v.

When you are losing energy, or are getting worn out like an old tshirt. Taken more literally, it can mean losing color or fainting.
With an offense like that, no wonder our players are fading fast.
by Kermitt June 09, 2019
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To be a Negative Nancy and all around sugar cane picker.
I wanted some Kona coffee - but the Fading waiter said he didn't think the cooks would be able to brew it before the end of the night.
by pyrella November 07, 2006
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Even words, not odd or some time odd or including an odd word : put another way : knowing gibberish; and, are loosing the method for which one can explicably describe the gibberish to enhance or in enhancing an original oration. Easy when using succinct simple language and then contrasting a grey area of gibberish whilst maintaining hold on the main sights of the convo.
"AhmAisink" descriptor of the word "hall-savvy", she complimented her colleague in his way to impart knowledge between office admin meets, as before the knowledge fading to a memo template form / document schedule from next month - it was revitalized between the structure because of them.
by ='srtrx September 01, 2019
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When you have worked all day then did a bunch of home(work), ended up in a fight with your boyfriend and had to deal with family shit and then decided to drink and smoke one at the end of the day, and are sitting in a movie theatre unable to get up from your seat due to either being too lazy or tired or both and someone asks if you want to do something else afterwards. You would reply back with “no thanks man, I’m fading”

An alternative way of saying you are tapped out.

Typically accompanied with feeling like you are happily swaying in and out of consciousness.
Yeah I was fading hard last night. Glad I made it home safe!
by stars-r-us October 24, 2019
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