a person who thinks they can surf/ bodyboard, but in actual fact, cannot and are really really shit at it.
that small child on the beach over there is the biggest kook.
by timanopoly March 16, 2008
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pronounced kOOOOOOk

(1)any individual who works as a "bitch" on a boat
(2)any person who regularly pays for sexual intercourse
(3)any person who belongs in the small percentage of americans actually addicted to marijuana
(4)an individual who takes any nickname that just sounds incredibly homo
person may be incredibly greasy and may never shut up; loves to blow all their money on prostitutes and weed; nicknames may include d-mo, chubby-chaser, tweek, fucktard, etc. this person hasnt taken a shower or changed their underwear in over a month. BEWARE these people aka KOOKS are not people to surround yourself with.
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