Indie/Alternative group from Brighton, England. Luke Vocals, Hugh Guitar, Max Bass And Paul Drums. Songs such as Naive, She Moves In Her Own Way, Eddie's Gun, Sofa Song etc. Album, Inside in, Inside out.
Gemma: 'I have The Kooks tickets!'
Me: '*faint*'
by S#0rt1 October 23, 2006
a wicked new 'indie rock' band. Most people know them for thier song Naive. I admit they repeat the lyrics to their verses over and over again BUT are still an awsome band.
I'm going to see the kooks in October
by curlyripcurlgurly June 9, 2006
Australasian slang meaning to make a mistake particularly in a funny way.
"Old mate tried doing a backflip off the beer pong table last night and completely kooked it, hurt his head and back but he'll be fine."
by Bilson Beug October 4, 2019
They are a spectacular English indie band, formed in 2001. The band members include the fucking gorgeous lead singer/ and guitarist Luke Prichard. The lovely Hugh Harris. The drummer Paul Garred, Dan Logan was temporary basis, replaced permanently by Peter Denton, as Max Rafferty the ex basis had to leave due to nerve problems in his arm. The kooks are a wonderful band, their lyrics are amazing, they are really funny. The stuff they write is truly magical.
She moves in her own way - The kooks
Niave - The kooks

You don't love me- The kooks

Seaside - The kooks

Sailing - The kooks

See the world - The kooks

Sofa song - The kooks

See the sun - The kooks

Mr. Maker - The Kooks

Always where I need to be - The kooks
by Ashalee100 June 2, 2011
A person regarded as strange, eccentric, or crazy.
someone regarded as eccentric or crazy syn: odd fellow, odd fish, queer bird, queer duck
by Jhalak DasRoy April 29, 2003
1. someone posing very hard as a surfer or skateboarder.

2. someone that goes to every surfing or skateboarding event to hangout, compile pictures, start conversations, and generally be seen with real surfers or skateboarders.

3. also see: gayrab
"Dude, did you see that kook trying to drop in on me the other day?"
by No one April 11, 2004
Kook is a term, most often used by aggro locals, to describe any surfers that:
- don't live in the shithole little coastal towns
- don't work construction and/or drive old, beat-up trucks
- pretend like they can surf when, in reality, they suck-ass
- don't follow the rules of the lineup
- show up in the lot with a frappachino, excited about 2-footers

However, the term kook has a different meaning to different types of surfers. It is most likely the case that every surfer, at one point or another, has been called a kook themselves and has called other surfers kooks. You don't have to be an asshole local to enjoy this fun, degredating term!!!
"That guy has a surf-rack on a land-rover, what a kook!"
"Hey Kook, get off my wave!!"
by billy joe bobby January 2, 2007