A person who comes from Bellville, Cape Town. ie. The Kook capital of the world.
Genine is such a kook!

Man 1: Where is Genine from?
Man 2: Bellville I think...
Man 2: What a Kook!
by fredfredfred August 27, 2006
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A kook is Matt Kolibas, the name originated after Ponnett derived Kookabis from his last name. Kookabis eventually turned into Kook and to this day on thats what the census calls him.
"Hey Kook get that str8 nutsac a brewskie."
by Matt Kolibas April 05, 2005
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Someone who thinks their so good at surfing and skateboarding then gets out there and sucks. They dress act and talk like a kook.
Brew look at that kook ashtyn out there she sucks!! she tells everyone she's amazing.
by surfer_girl561 September 28, 2015
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A person who poses to be a local at the beach that they are normally visiting. They piss off the real locals and make complete asses of themselves.
β€œIf this kook doesn’t stop dropping in on my waves I’m going to lose my shit.”
by 69WeenieBoy69 May 21, 2018
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A crazy or eccentric person; someone who has no idea how to surf
Look at Sleeves and OMK out there, what kooks!
by Truer Definitions July 17, 2017
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