bodyboarders are kooks
oi did u c that bodyboarder kook
by harry August 06, 2004
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Surfer with little skill.
Can be applied to anyone crap at something.
That guy surfs like a kook.
by Kwotch October 18, 2007
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to be like Dean. That is to be an extreme poser and generally suck
That Dean is such a kook, i cant beleive he let Jack ride him down the quarter-pipe
by Lawson May 03, 2004
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Someone who fakes talent at Surfing, Skateboarding, and Longboarding. They will most likely show up with a brand fucking new setup that's top of the line, and that setup will most likely be incompatible with there style of riding (e.g. 85a slide wheels on a downhill board). The kook will also most likely use incorrect terminology, sounding like an imbecile. Avoid kooks at all costs.
Kook: "I just did the steeziest toedge skid today on my downhill. I was going like 100mph on my local hill, with my Evo set with 65mm 85a wheels and non-spaced bearings! I also did some freeride, but there was too much thane on my bearings."

Normal Longboarder: "Today was pretty good, I had to sweep some shit out of the road, but the run has great corners to predrift or rail. My Arbalest with 78a 76mm wheels was doing great, the new wheels thane really nice. I was going to do some freeride but I forgot my slide wheels."
by BrohanSebastianBach February 21, 2014
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A person that you would also refer to as a loser. Generally directed at mates when they say or do something ridiculously idiotic. Can also say someone is 'kookin it' if they are doing something dumb, like re-dating their bimbo ex-girlfriend.
Dave's such a kook.
Old mate is kookin it so hard.
by K Biscuit December 03, 2010
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