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a female genitalia,thats right,you heard me
wow,your noony is so tizzite!
by pyro_siris December 29, 2004

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"A wannabe surfer" A very annoying person that tends to get picked on behind his/her back by the real surfers.Contrary to popular belief,being a kook is not easy by those people who need to find a hobby/sport so they can be cool because of the fact that,unlike skateboarding, does not need to be proven.Bad news,brah,once summer comes and your geeky friends/REAL surfers want to see your 'moves' you're officially screwed =)LETS SEE YAH RIDE THAT 'GNARLY' WAVE NOW,BEE-ATCH! xD
Wow,look at that kook go! you know thats sunless tanner he used
by pyro_siris January 12, 2005

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