dude!, i thought you were gonna come man
you klanned me man..ouch
by MarcAntoine June 22, 2007
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The name given to your Kardashian clan when your momager loves using Ks in marketing.
Did you see the Kardashian klan are trying to break the internet again?
by No Hemingway April 14, 2021
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"Iron Man" Based on the performance by Black Sabbath
"Klan Man" Parody by Darren Crosby
I am afro man
running through the woods
from the Ku-Klux Clan
They've got point hats
ghost white sheets and
baseball bats
Why do they hate me so?
is it my skin or
just my fro?
by This is pretty funny October 13, 2004
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A doggo that does a racism
Black Man: Hey look its a dog!
Klan Boofer: Woof
Black Man: Damn man don't gotta be so racist!
by Styx13 April 11, 2017
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