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Keegan is a boy so sweet, kind, and incredibly handsome he makes every girl swoon. Any girl who has a Keegan is so damn lucky to have him. Keegan plays video games and stays awake for the girl he loves. He would do anything for her. Any girl lucky enough to have a Keegan better keep him. He will do anything to make you laugh, or smile. He brightens up everyone’s day.
Girl- i love Keegan

Person- No shit! Who doesn’t ?
by A14428 July 28, 2018
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fun, Spunky, Usually nicely Built. Very Beautiful. Lucky to have. Usually Humble but very out going. Extremely Caring for who they love. Slightly Socially Akward because they dont really always fit in. Meant to stand out. Can be quiet and soft spoken at one moment and then completely rambunctious at the next. Can hold an Awful Grudge to whoever does them wrong. Has to prove others wrong. Wont get in the way for what you want. When they have something they want they fight for it. Passionate and clever. Act dumber than they appear to be. Extremely Intellegent. Won't make the first move if they like you. Can Be a total B**** but will always have your back. If you betray her she will most likely kick your ass. Hates people with lower intellegance and oftenly is an overacheiver who is loved by lots.
John: I got Keegan.
Jake: DAMN! What the fuck? Nice!
by bandme April 13, 2011
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Keegan is an average dude who can be annoying. The truth is he rocks and is the smartest guy I know. All that describes him are video games. Keegan is a really nice caring guy, who rocks. Lets just say he's a great guy to get to know. If you ever have the chance to meet someone named Keegan. They rock! Keegan can make you smile. He has a great sense of humor that will make you laugh! Keegan is Awesome At sports and he is COOOOOL!!!! He loves to give people hugs! Keegan is, well again AWESOME!!!
Keegan- Lets meet this awesome dude!
by EarlyGirl May 26, 2012
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Even though he jacks off he’s still the funniest guy in the world
Keegan is very funny
Even though he beats his meat
by Romaine33 September 25, 2019
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Keegan is an amazing and original name. Everybody loves Keegan. He is happy, and random, yet sometimes hides his true feelings which annoys the girl that likes him. The girl that he is crushing on is very lucky.
by koshkisses February 03, 2010
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word to describe how uterly awsome, cool, sexy and handsome someone is.
(the best at everything.)
(the coolest person ever to be on this planet.)
(sexies person alive.)
(to handsome for there own good)
ooooo la la, you look so keegan
by awsomenessage February 15, 2009
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A beautiful male who has colorful hair, is tall, large muscles, and colorful eyes. Keegan is wanted by many, but he only wants one girl. The girl he is crushing on is very lucky and should realise that. Keegan is very loyal to the woman he is in a relationship with and would never do anything to hurt her. If he likes a woman, he will always talk to her and think about her. He is also shy around alot of people, but extremly outgoing around his friends. He spends alot of time on the internet and playing video games. He often turns nocturnal due to lack of sleep. He is proud of his russian heratage, and often brags about it. He is great at athletics, but doesent enjoy sports. He listens to ALOT of metal, dubstep, and reggae, but will listen to other songs that he can relate to. He is extremly funny, but due to the fact that he rarly talks, only a few can tell. He has a cool haircut but it messes up sometimes XD He usually waits for someone else to talk first though. He is also only attracted to asians, but in order to want a relationship with one, he must really like her.
Keegan is such a cool dude.

Bro 1: "I wish Keegan would talk more in class"
Bro 2: "He talks all the time around us!!!"
Bro 1: "True."

"Wow, Keegan sure likes her alot to talk to her THAT MUCH."
by YourBro,Alex. January 17, 2013
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