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A person who promotes famine as a political tool.
Wow, Boris Johnson made The Faminator Priti Patel his Home Secretary.
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by No Hemingway August 05, 2019

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A BREXIT Breakfast is any popular Full Irish or Full English Breakfast that costs more after BREXIT or offers less portions.
I woke up April Fools' Day and ordered a BREXIT Breakfast and it cost twice as much as usual and didn't even have any fresh orange juice. What a fucking nightmare.
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by No Hemingway November 13, 2018

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The belief that Donal Trump is not eligible to be president unless he can prove he is from Earth.
If Trump was a birther, shouldĀ“t we all become earthers?
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by No Hemingway February 27, 2016

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For over 50 years, people have celebrated the works of James Joyce with Bloomsday events all over the world on June 16th.

This year some Joyceans will have to celebrate Bloomsday 2020 online.

Share your Zoomsday experience with friends and family.
Are you taking part in Zoomsday?
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by No Hemingway May 31, 2020

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A weird guy who reads your messages and censors your Facebook posts.

The most anti-social person on social media.
Damn, I wanted to share this funny post but I just got Fuckerberged.

Yeah, you know the creepy guy who reads your DMs.
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by No Hemingway May 28, 2020

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When people express their political opinion through poetry and song.
There is so much voetry on Twitter and Instagram as we approach the midterm election.
by No Hemingway October 16, 2018

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A Renfe Minute is the amount of time you wait for a (Renfe) train in Spain to arrive as the digital display counts down some made-up number.
I arrived at the station and the display said that the train was only a minute away. It said that for the next 7 minutes.

It's called a Renfe minute and that's why I hate public transport, you never know when the train will actually arrive.
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by No Hemingway February 18, 2020

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