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a huge vagina that prefers it in the ass
I want to go to game, but Tim is being a crosby.
by Jim Lance April 02, 2008
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1) as in Sidney Crosby 2) a synonym for stupid, gay, or unfair for no apparent reason.
1) I hate snow. It's so Crosby.
2) The referee is being so Crosby!
by Anita Ovalchuk March 07, 2009
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1.A very degrading term that basically means you a whiny little bitch.

2.Cry baby

3. Suck at life
John: Hey did you see that kid cry because i got away with a slash

Alex: ya hes such a crosby
by imfuckingovechkin October 14, 2011
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1)As in Sidney Crosby, 2)a move in hockey where the puck is brought back with the heel of the stick and fliped on to the top of the blade

although Crosby is not the inventor of this move he did make it famous
"He Pulled a Crosby"
by random jordan June 25, 2006
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a person who is known to slap people for saying obnoxious crap. "Crosby"s are loving and caring individuals who aren't afraid to put you in your place. They also enjoy pistachio nuts.
Don't act ridiculous! That's a crosby right there.
by anto1511 March 23, 2010
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