the initiation process when one joins a frat or sorority. Sometimes it involves hazing.
by valoem February 7, 2005
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A special kind of payment where you get all the benefits of paying but you don’t have to actually pay any money
Lawyer: “Did you donate the money?”

Amber Heard: “Yeah, I pledged it”

Waittress: “Please pay your bill”
Guy: “I pledged it”
by Doctor Pondersnatch May 21, 2022
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Lawyer: Did you donate the $7 million to charities?
Amber Heard: Yes.
Lawyer: Then why does the record show you have not donated anything?
Amber Heard: I pledged to $7 million. That's the same thing as me having already given it, basically.
by BurgerWithASideOfFries May 16, 2022
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A person you send to get you more beer when you run out.
"The coolers running low, Pledge!"
by Justafriend July 13, 2016
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The act of trying to join a frat/soror. After rushing, the frat/soror may ask the rushee to pledge. The pledge must do whatever they are asked.
Sorority girl 1: Look at how cute our pledge is. She has to walk around campus wearing a bumblee costume and singing "Stars are blind."
Sorority girl 2: Yeah, we should make her eat dog food later. After pledging we don't even have to let her in.
by pledgee July 28, 2006
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1)the process of being a complete and utter bitch and receiver of countless anal rapings.

2)a cocksucker
1)when Mike's mom asked him why he was walking funny, she realized that nothing needed to be said since he was in fact a pledge.

2)I cant tell if Hugh Grant is a pledge or just British.
by John Shafer April 15, 2004
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a ridiculously lazy shit who literally spends his working day doing nothing and then gets promoted for no explainable reason. Likes to have fun and verbally abuse people for shits and giggles. Has a receding hairline that seems to make him look like a young Peter Sutcliffe
"that gentleman who stares at his computer and does sod all has been promoted again"
"that's what is called a pledge"
by cannibal smalltime October 5, 2011
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