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Another word for red neck or hick. Derived from the popular TV series The Simpsons, a cleetus or cleet is a country bumpkin who is below average intelligence. Can be recognised wearing armless t-shirts and possibly sporting a mullet.
Put your top back on you look like a right cleet.

Look at that cleetus' van, like something straight out of Dukes of Hazzard.
by tboy September 09, 2004
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A highly-intelligent entity that resembles a cowboy and comes from an unknown place(possibly Texas). Usually spotted being overweight, wearing a cowboy hat and blue overalls and occasionally making jokes aboutFortnite and Epic Games. Some say this is a lost sibling of AlbertsStuff.
Fanboy: Oh man look it's Cleetus!!!
by Ennard The Cringy Roleplayer October 17, 2018
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A severely inbred prick who abuses.
Yo did you see how Cleetus unbanned that Standford last night? Some abusive shit

Dont you think the worst staff member is Cleetus?
by CGC_Keitho December 02, 2018
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A human like creature with no known gender. Can be found wearing a scrum cap, a small pony tail sticking out the top, and a shirt reading "free rHUGS"

by free rHUGS October 23, 2011
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The godliest entity on roblox, created by flamingo. Is most seen using the penguin body with normal limbs, wearing a cowboy hat and overalls with no undershirt.
Has a son named Cleetus but he died in a pigeon hunting accident.
Comment on Flamingo's video: Cleetus's hat was epicly stolen.
by 11DefinitelyNOTContentX09 March 09, 2019
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