To get screwed over or jewed - often as the result of a prank or move designed for the enjoyment of others at the kifee's expense and not neccessairly for the sole pleasure or gain of the kifer.
G turns off the hot water while Colin is taking a shower.
Colin: "Fuck off, fags!"
G laughs.
G turns the hot water back on and Colin gets burned.
Colin: "AHHHH FUCK!"
Kevin (to Phil): "haha G just kifed Colin in the shower"


One day downstairs returned all of upstairs' empties to the beer store and used the resulting funds to purchase more beer which they promptly consumed upstairs infront of the unsuspecting upstairs crew. Stealth kife. That's why downstairs is king.


Every time Realtor Mike comes over to try and sell the house either everyone is high and the house stinks and is in a general disarray or G has either left a surprise in the bathroom or makes a comment about how the place is prone to flooding. Realtor Mike is NEVER going to sell the house. Kifed.


Nigerian student O'Jury (name spelled incorrectly to protect the guilty) fled back to his home country (he needs your help if you're interested - just supply your banking details and you'll get $20 million) and he left rotten food and a dead frog in G's fridge. O'Jury totally kifed G.
by 515 July 22, 2005
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