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The new format of most degrees and educational qualifications. Formerly, such qualifications would be assessed by a single or multiple examination(s) at the end of the work. Under the modular format, exams are taken at the end of each learning stage. A criticism is it puts too much pressure on teachers to constantly mark.
Teacher: "I can't cope with all this marking"
Teacher 2: "I know, the modular system fucking sucks"
by Deluded_or_summat March 21, 2007
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Said of a computer program which has, for economical and practical reasons, been divided in separate individual modules.

A modular program (or application) must satisfy BOTH these rules:

1. A module must have two or more features

2. Given any two features, there can't be a module that includes them both
Sales rep "This is the best accounting software on the market, it's just huge"

Admin boss "We're really looking for something simpler, that fits our needs better"

Sales rep "Sure! It's modular! So you need to buy only the modules you need"

Admin boss "mmkay... we just need to print invoices"

Sales rep "Great! All you need then is the basic module, the invoicing module, the graphics module, the paper module, the user-interface module, the language-pack, the online-support service and the module integrating module"
by Alworx October 10, 2009
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talented electronic musician with good looks and talent to boot.
"Wow, that sounds so great, i wish i was as amazing as modular!"
by bernard bentlay August 18, 2003
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Modular Mod-U-Lar
A engine or Motor constructed out of a inferior design

A term used to discribe a motor or car that is on the verge of expiration

A term used to describe the actual event of a motor imploding or exploding because it was built poorly
If you build that motor out of those parts, It is Going to Modular all over the place.
by TheBaron2007 January 27, 2011
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