A person,who is brave,strong,who has a lion's heart..
The uncle of the beloved prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him)his name was hamza and he was a lion hunter,very brave and strong and fair to people...
by ryan-trank September 10, 2007
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Hamza is the sexiest person you'll ever see, he has jokes for days, memes that will make you explode and he is smart as hell. You'll never find someone as perfect as him.
Oh my god, I just met a Hamza I'm so in love.
by omgronnie997 November 3, 2018
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A guy in most cases that can lure basically anyone in with his charm and individuality. Hamza's normally are some of the most outspoken people but when you get to know them you'll realize they kick ass at everything they do. They have amazing taste in music and endure different things with most of the time a laid back perspective. If you find Hamza become close to them but make sure not to throw them off guard because they know they are liked therefore they won't put up with people who can't fully appreciate their being. Hamza's are often times the most guarded but I guarantee when you get to know them you'll be glad you went through the hassle of getting to one.
Girl: Hamza is so cute and sweet
Guy: Nah don't even try he's really chill but isn't into dating
by Garret103 July 1, 2013
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A handsom man who has a great personality is a bit chubby when young but when he grows up he will have packs and muscles
( who ever is in a relationship ship with hamza is the luckiest person ever.)
by Daniel phil December 25, 2018
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Hamza are very conservative and portray no emotions when alone. But once you get to know them you won't regret it. They are kind and make you want to smile. They are badass at everything they do and make girls go wild
That's my Hamza
by Dr.Bryan November 2, 2017
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A name for literally the best, nicest, most friendly person you will ever meet. You get to define who your 'Hamza' is, the term originates from a boy named Hamza who is one of the most awesome people ever.
Person 1: Yo, you're like a Hamza to me.
Person 2: Thanks bro
by phynmeffe July 18, 2017
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hamza is a handsome hot sexy cool and amazing best friend they might be a tryhard and easy truster they will argue with u to make sure they put a smile on your face
Hamza saved that girls life
by cobra strike July 18, 2018
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