Teejayx6: Bitch tf I look like?? I don’t fucken swipe
Us: *knowing damn well that nigga swipe*
by cropssmyninaj August 23, 2019
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when something goes favorably (i.e. you get something for free, something good happens, someone does something for you, or you win in some way). if multiple events occur that are characteristic of a "swipe," then they can be called a double-swipe, triple swipe, multi-swipe, etc.
Guinevere: Hey, Eleanor! I just met these two guys who are super hot and are doctors.

Eleanor: Um, double swipe!
by aitasha March 11, 2009
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penis, preferably a big one
That man's swipe was swackin'!!!
by J. Threadgill January 18, 2008
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Boy 1: man u know dat grl dat u was wit da ova night?
Boy 2: yea man she was a lil freak
Boy 1: just 2 let u kno she said u aint got no swipe
by da best ryda September 6, 2004
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1. Non-racial, neutral-gender slur. Derogatory term used to degrade another.
by mtwizz March 27, 2008
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