your friend asks you to write a sexy poem for him. you're not quite in the mood but you know you will be by the time the poem is written.
I don't know if its the moon, my thirst or your existence that makes me picture sexy scenes. half moan half breath half girl half cat. when you get hard i get so soft. like a finger in melting butter i am fire only hotter. (did she just rhyme butter with hotter) your tongue is the pen that licks rhymes on my flesh. and when i have read them i recite them back. you show me how and when and where. and i come crawling pull your hair. your lap is my throne and we are at ease. moving feels so natural and free. hide the explosives after we're done, then do it again and again and again.
by Krkič May 17, 2019
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A POWERFUL explosion that within itself causes additional explosions that under no circumstances anyone can survive. The entire universe could be destroyed by such a powerful blast.
Evilman: Once I set them up a bomb the explosion will be so extraordinary it'll be a supernatural explosion! It will be a explosive explosion!!!
by Deeshceel September 11, 2008
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Something that cool guys don't look at.
Cool guys don't look at explosions, they blow things up, and walk away.
by mkablam June 7, 2009
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Term used when in writer's block and no better way to get you to start writing is started.
Jimmy started writing a book, but by the third page he had already written AND THEN THERE WAS AN EXPLOSION five times out of writer's block.
by ThePurpleMage February 2, 2010
Something that gives Michael Bay a boner
A explosion go boom
by Guffestav February 22, 2015
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Dude is that an explosion heading our wa- BOOOOOOOOOOM
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Vigorously ejaculating a great amount of cum
After a couple of minutes of touching, Bob made an explosion and quickly covered himself in hot jizz
by Pus5yWrecker February 20, 2019
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