A word that can be used in any type of situation.
Mary: Did you here eminem's new song
David: KEK
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by AREZBETHEI January 15, 2021
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a response to things that are funny or "anti-cringe".
P1:" Hey man did you see that new =3 video the other day?"
P2: "yeah man, it was kek"
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by Ba-Bo July 03, 2020
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A bird noise, emitted from a 'kekker' which means bird.
"Shut up you dumb kekkers"
by Aoki-kun February 11, 2020
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very nice kek ok it is found not by gorden ramsoy but the original founder, 'imunchkek' it is a food

it can also be a person and there is degenerates but the only true kek is also a bigger pro than coolguy so beware of him.
as mentioned above kek is 'imunchkek'
His best friend is 'thekeytokek'
Noone can overcome the kek and his friends.
i had kek for breakfast
hi kek you are very pro
by imunchkek March 04, 2021
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Does not come from World of Warcraft or Korean. Back when gaming just started going multiplayer and worldwide. The Dutch people were a big group of users. The word 'Kek' origins from the 1974's when it used to mean 'Modern', 'Fancy', 'Nice' in Dutch. Often combined with 'top' as in 'top kek', also often used in Dutch.

Through the world of gaming, reddit, 4chan it grew to a larger audience just like the Dutch word 'lol' which means fun.
DUTCH PETE: Hey! Got a new jacket? Looks kek!
DUTCH PETER: Yes, thanks!
by Resomnus December 11, 2017
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