Short for Kill All Men, mostly used by people on twitter or tiktok to hate on men because ??? (honestly couldnt find a reason why for this definition sorry yall)
Ironically, they stan male kpop stars and are in the BLM movement.
Person A (male) : Hey
Person B: KAM LMAOOO men belong in cages
Person A (male) : Oh in that case women belong in the kitchen
Person B: LMAO I KNEW ITT ALL MEN ARE THE SAME I am suffering from a harsh home situation.
by wokerywoke September 6, 2020
KAM means Kill All Men, a dumb phrase or “joke” women say to show that men “aren’t shit” or something of that analogy, when women who say that are sexist but claim to be feminist, feminist wish for equality of men and women, not to rule men
KAM Girl: Ugh kill all men sister
Feminist: Yeah no I support men and women not just men sexist
KAM Girl: What! Sexist, but men rape and kill more women!
Feminist: And so do women?
KAM Girl: Well..uh men oppress women! Which is sexist
Feminist: And you think it’s not sexist for it to be the other way around?
KAM Girl: Of course not! Duh
Feminist: Yeah ok sexist
by A.I.B May 28, 2021
Kill All Men, incels often get offended for this and reply with RAW, the difference is RAW is already happening. Men love their dark humor until its about them. Do you really think we are gonna go to your house and kill you just because you are a bruh.
ugh this guy is being a creep, KAM
by whydomen August 20, 2020
"Kill all men"; used when men and boys cannot seem to show basic human decency to females and treat them badly
Aaliyah: "i was walking to the store today and I was catcalled by multiple men!"
Naomi: ugh kam
by That thick tall girl November 7, 2020
A true hard-ass. Likes to talk a big game but doesn't usually back it up. Probably drives his mom's Rav-4 and watches fornite.
by wcopeg May 28, 2019
An acronym meaning "Kill All Men". It is used by toxic and sexist feminists that has never touched grass because they've been inside all day bitching on Twitter.
Twitter girl: My boyfriend told me to pay for dinner tonight. #KAM
by gameing April 30, 2021
If ANYONE says KAM (short for Kill All Men) it really means that if Men (if we can call them that) say homophobic, transphobic, Sexist, racist or just being an all right bigot! People say KAM! If you’re not any of those things then don’t be offended because we don’t mean you, we love you if you’re not those type of men (cough cough boys)
Guy: Omg! This girl sucks at this game! Go back to the kitchen!

Guy 2: I bet she’s fat haha!
Girl: oml I always stand by what I say, KAM.
by Skullbunnyy November 13, 2020