1.Someone who doesn't have any problems with people, a cool dude.

2.Perfect for the opposite sex.
1. Thats a kam dude right there.

2. I need a kam in my life.
by Killakam March 05, 2007
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A hip hop musician with a sharp political edge hailing from the city of Watts, Los Angeles. Came to prominence in the early 90s with his hit single "Every Single Weekend" which was featured in the Boyz N the Hood Soundtrack. Now Kam finds himself aligned with Guerrilla Funk Recordings.
Kam's latest offering, The Self, is in production now.
"Kam is one of hip-hop's most militant and outspoken artists"
by J. T August 19, 2006
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A term commonly pertaining to females, "Kams" is usually used as an adjective to describe a "sleek, artistic mind." (The Stranger, "Sexy Parlance on Capitol Hill", Seattle, WA, October 26, 1988). The word is native to the Pacific Northwest, especially the Puget Sound region.

Origin: This term is likely derived from the name "Kami," popular lead singer of a Seattle punk band between 1988-95. (It should be noted that this band, "Cig Chuckers," is well-known in Boston, but enjoyed its wildest years in the Seattle underground (but see, "C.D. Bitches in B-Boston)). Kami was, by several accounts, the most "persuasively and unapologetically sexy performer of her generation." (The Seattle Times, Robert McKay, "The Underground Pulse," February 24, 1990).

There is also an alternative theory on the origin of this term: "a beautiful girl, so full of life," a description given by a popular Seattle PI "sex columnist", who frequently wrote about “my sweet, furious problems with the kams” true identity never revealed (The Seattle PI, "Affectionate Underbelly of the CD," Robert Fromme, October 26, 1995).

Despite the numerous theories as to its origin, "Kams" has a fairly common usage in the Pacific Northwest:

1) A noun, used as a dimunitive, affectionate term for a female. A "Kams" is one who is cute, crazy, stunning, artistic, and feisty.

2) More generally, the term may be used as an adjective or adverb, conveying the qualities of strength, beauty, and unpredictability.
Noun: "She's a total kams...I can't help but adore her attitude and wild feckin' strut!"

1) Laura is almost(!) a kams artist...she has the mind and talent, but doesn't quite have the guts.
2) That crazy bitch is kamtastic! I wish I were as kamsi as esa loca...!
by Formerly of the CD February 05, 2010
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1. one who trys too hard
2. synonym for failure or self-delusion
I'd been wanting to hook up with the girl for months but i totally kammed it up.

I studied for 5 hours the night before the physics test and still failed. I hate being such a kam

I thought I was gonna be a total bro at college but looking back I realized I'm too much of a kam
by young cheezy July 02, 2011
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