I fancy a Kam tonight, a Kam for the rest of my life
by Jay Slayer April 11, 2006
1.Someone who doesn't have any problems with people, a cool dude.

2.Perfect for the opposite sex.
1. Thats a kam dude right there.

2. I need a kam in my life.
by Killakam March 5, 2007
A hip hop musician with a sharp political edge hailing from the city of Watts, Los Angeles. Came to prominence in the early 90s with his hit single "Every Single Weekend" which was featured in the Boyz N the Hood Soundtrack. Now Kam finds himself aligned with Guerrilla Funk Recordings.
Kam's latest offering, The Self, is in production now.
"Kam is one of hip-hop's most militant and outspoken artists"
by J. T August 19, 2006
something that was supposed to be a joke but now is responded with "not all men".


person 1: kam isn't right. it adds to generalization against the whole male gender. NOT ALL MEN!!

person 2: not all men is a stupid thing to say. it's petty and it's obvious. stop supporting the individual.
by ushicate March 13, 2021
a dude who have a very nice voice.
person 1 - “wow, he have a really nice voice
person 2 - “yh ik, he’s a kam”
by boomerlover@17 November 25, 2021