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It’s satirical, and if you have to look it up then you probably don’t understand that. Usually, a woman will say kill all men when a man does something sexist, rude, or disgusting. It is usually used to express frustration or disappointment, however, sometimes it is used to get a rise out of men. It is not a way to say ‘woman are better than men’, so you don’t have to worry that she texted you #killallmen.
Woman 1: “David told me to go back to the Kitchen!”
Woman 2: “What did you do?”
Woman 1: “I told him to sleep careful tonight because I don’t need him #kill all men!”
by Dynodog November 21, 2020
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It’s feminist going against sexist, masochistic, disgusting and creepy men. By feminist saying kill all men they don’t literally want to kill men they want women’s rights to change and how society treats women.
A man just catcalled my friend and now I have to change they way iI walk home. #killallmen

In which this, Kill all men, means that woman was angry at how society treats women.
by Lila_bi November 27, 2020
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A stupid and misandristic saying that feminists say to "fight against misogyny" even though in reality it makes men more misogynistic which shows how stupid women's logic and their way of thinking is
Stupid feminist: Kill All Men
Normal person with more than 2 brain cells: Kill All Men is really misandristic and stupid
Stupid feminist: No! It's not fair that I don't get to hate on men for existing!
by rape jokes January 12, 2021
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A sexist term used by women but they try to play it off as a joke.
Person 1: Kill All Men!!!

Person 2: Why?

Person 1: It was a joke.

Person 2: Suuuure
by Supreme Boss January 16, 2021
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#Killallmen2020 is a trend going around on media platforms such as tiktok, and it relates to women wanting to kill all men. It is mostly by one after facing a sexist remark, but the expression itself is quite sexist.
Boy: "Men are better than women..." Girl: "Ok, what about #Killallmen? ThAt PrOvEs A pOiNt." Kill all men is defined as a way of saying women are better than men.
by Roro.c October 20, 2020
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