A really large penis or people that work under you.
All the biatches working on my staff have been rode on my staff.
by J. Spoove October 27, 2003
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a terrible type of infection. can lead to death if not treated immediatly. comes in two forms. lindsey and kim
Man, stay away form that fat bitch. She might give you a staff infection.
by Swedish Bob September 26, 2006
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Someone you cannot go a day without.
Ruby... she is my staff
by i know girls June 27, 2011
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Way of defining whether a chick is hot or not.


She can have the TAFF, SAFF, so on and so forth.
Danny:She got STAFF?
Jared:No, only TAFF
by Dunkan January 21, 2005
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consisting of 4 girls who claim that "we don't run" but "we run shit". In truth, these girls are nothing more than alcoholic cheerleaders.
While staff throws good parties, they are a lot of drama.
by the blonde December 13, 2005
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A word used when someone over exaggerates

Steve - I had sex with 50 men on the weekend

Bob - Staffs!
by Dick Cheese May 31, 2005
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A calm and relaxed person to the public, but behind closed doors a sexual pervert of the worst kind
That guy was weird, do you think he was staff?
by stusx10 April 24, 2015
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