Hahaha. Aaahahahaha. AAAAHAHAHAHAHA! go fuck yourself if you believe in this philosophy. You need mental help
Mental health patient: Kill all men
Everyone else: get help
by Jakenator November 5, 2021
Generally used by blue haired fat chicks who's 5th grade boyfriend broke up with them.
You can generally tell if it's a kam girl or not by a few ways.

1: She's morbidity obese.
2: her hair is blue.
3: no father figure in sight
4: people run away from her like shes the grinch.
girl: he looked at me, thats a form of sexual harassment.
boy: getting looked at isn't a form of sexual harassment.
girl: this is why we say kill all men. go die in a war.
by A person538 February 8, 2022
People that say "Kill all men" are social rejects, mostly women use it, but there are also Pick me boys who say it.
by UrGirlsFriend0 April 22, 2021
It’s feminist going against sexist, masochistic, disgusting and creepy men. By feminist saying kill all men they don’t literally want to kill men they want women’s rights to change and how society treats women.
A man just catcalled my friend and now I have to change they way iI walk home. #killallmen

In which this, Kill all men, means that woman was angry at how society treats women.
by Lila_bi November 28, 2020
A phrase feminists say, but people say it's a joke but we really hate men and want to kill them because they are disgustinggg

2.haha your so funny!

1.It wasn't a joke!

kam meeans kill all men*
by Feministtt February 23, 2021
The phrase "Kill All Men" was created by a fatherless feminist who is misandrist. The phrase is therefore used by women who have no life and repel men due to their ugly ass looks. Simps and Pick Me Boys would also use this phrase, displaying that they do not touch grass. By saying this phrase it shows hatred towards men and does not uphold the fundamental beliefs of equality.
Sexist Woman: Heyyy, Are you a feminist?
Gigachad: No lol
Gigachad: lol but you need us
Sexist Woman: SHUT UP, KILL ALL MEN!
by RiskyPotato March 18, 2022