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n. a type of figurative language that states an example to allow a better insight and understanding of the whatever is trying to be explained. analogies are used to give better perspective to something, usually situations that are trying to be explained.
Person 1: I don't understand, how has this been so difficult for you?

Person 2: How so?

Person 1: To use an analogy, it's been an emotional roller coaster.

Person 2: What?

Person 1: Everything's been going up and down, with unexpected turns, like a rollercoaster!

Person 2: Oh, now I see. I'm very sorry.
by lovingdancer June 06, 2010
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It's like a thought with another thought's hat on.
"Someone please tell her what an analogy is."
"I know what it is, it's like a thought with another thought's hat on.
by ozgin January 03, 2015
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analogy n. inference that if things agree in some respects they probably agree in others.

2.drawing a comparison in order to show a similarity in some respect.

3.the religious belief that between creature and creator no similarity can be found so great but that the dissimilarity is always greater.

4. short form for anal orgy
1.if CO2 has 1 carbon molecule and 2 oxygen molecules and so does FeCO2 then theres an analogy between them.

2."the operation of a computer presents and interesting analogy to the working of the brain"; "the models show by analogy how matter is built up."

3."language can point in the right direction but any analogy between God and humans will always be inadequate."

4."lets have an analogy."
by Grisu April 23, 2006
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When you try to say anal orgy but mess up
Guy 1: yo let's have an analogy
Guy 2: lol why u such a dumbass
by Anal confetti December 12, 2016
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A highly-specialised branch on geology chiefly concerned with the geological origin, formation, evolution and morphology of posterior features.

Notable examples include the Lmao-King formation (Marshy Oxfordshire), where a prominent fault-line separates two well developed 'cheek' components.
Trust me, I'm well read in Analogy - now drop your pants....
by Peter Beardsley October 26, 2010
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