The most amazing girl you could ever meet. She will stick by your side through the thick and thin and life itself. Kam has very high standards but will except you with who you are. If your girls name is Kam, you’re lucky!
Aye what’s your girls name?”
“It’s Kam, she’s amazing.”
by The best girlfriend ever<3 August 5, 2021
KAM is a movement by sexist women who believe women can't be sexist. KAM is a movement by women who hasn't gotten laid yet and therefore wants to kill all men.
I saw emily say kam yesterday on twitter. Honestly she needs to get laid
by Fuck KAM all my homies hate KA February 8, 2021
girl 1: did you see that chase commented “slut” on my new post?

girl 2: what a prick- KAM.
by i<3hotmoms January 11, 2021
This man will slay every milf within a 100 mile radius, no matter the size or shape, he'll fuck em'
"Whoa damn there goes kam"
"Dont you mean milf slayer?"
by GABIN February 23, 2021
The gayest kids you’ll ever see he is really gay he like to always touch boys and is allergic to girls
Did you see the gay kid named kam

Yeah this nigga like to suck cocks
by Nigganobody16 December 3, 2019
A kind caring person that isn't the brightest but is still a good person. Kam isn’t the smartest girl. She is sweet caring and sensitive.
Hi Kam
by The Flash20234 January 8, 2020