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Arabic for 'dog', a severe insult when applied to humans.
by LudwigVan October 01, 2004
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Kalb is an Arabic word normally used to let someone know that you "Appreciate them" or " Want the best for them".
Kalb is truly the best word to express your feelings towards your Dad or Best friend
Dad : I packed your lunch for tomorrow
Son : Thanks dad , you're a Kalb
by Gnight2everyone March 23, 2019
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n. a person who makes unwanted sexual advances.

v. kalbing
I was at this party when this dude started fondling a drunk chick, he was such a kalb.

The other night at the frat house all the dudes were kalbing it.
by Someduders March 25, 2008
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the act of knocking someone on their ass and proceding to whip out your pecker and piss all over the person as a sign of major disrespect.
Jon was so pissed of at the junkyard attendant for not having a brand new fuel injector that he took a running start at him and gave him a nice kalb.
by nick246 February 13, 2006
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