means "son of", from The 13th Warrior
My name is Farquad Ibn Mohammad Ibn Amhad Ibn Smith, and I am the 13th Warrior.
by smart guy April 22, 2004
Fag. faggot means in Turkish
Wassup fag ?
Naber ln ibne ?

Hey look at the faggots !
ibnelere bak !

You fucking faggot !!
siktigimin ibnesi

Fenerbahce supporters are all faggot
fenerbahce nin taraftarlari ibnedir

all faggots support fenerbahce
butun ibneler fenerbahceyi destekler
by Ser-G- November 3, 2007
Ibn Young
An underground rapper from that m-town
representin that Memphis 10
also mean "the only son"
IBN, IBN, IBN in the wind IBN in the wind
them dividends are comin in.
by Darrell November 5, 2003
When posting a thread on a forum that deliberately breaks the rules (eg:, one may find 'ibn' as a reply, implying that the user has managed to post a reply before the post has been nuked, eg "ibn"
by inchwide July 25, 2003
very dangerous gang of killers. located in irvington new jersey. can be found often robbing liquor stores.
yo the ibn just blew up a hospital.
by flo October 9, 2003
In Before Nuke: When a posting that is sure to be "nuked" or removed is made... it is customary for people to respond quickly with IBN. Relates only to
|_User1: IBN!!
|_User2: IBN!!
|_User3: OMG NASTY IBN!!!
by El Tigre July 26, 2003