1. Slang words used in the country of South Africa

2. The use of words in strange contexts which makes sense only in South Africa.

N.B. Many South Africanisms come from integration of the South African language Afrikaans into the English language.
1. Howzit: A greeting meaning "how is it" or "how are you" (although the question is often rhetorical and doesn't necessitate a response)
E.g. Hey, howzit
Ja (pronounced yah): The South African way of saying "yes"
E.g. Person one: Did you like the new James Bond movie?
Person two: Ja, it was great!

2. Person one: Sorry about that
Person two: It's chilled
Person three: Hey, you just used a South Africanisms!
by A South African! September 25, 2018
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The act of having your Partner lay down underneath a tall table while you stand on top of the table naked and without warning you attempt a backflip off the table and try to land inside your partner.

This will usually end in a broken dick and a ton of screaming.

Extra Points for actually making it in your partner.
" Dude I saw the Ambulance at your house last night, what happened?"

" I tried to do a south african backflip, but I missed.
by Bigblack1915 February 17, 2011
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When one aggressively queefs in unison with a mariachi band playing beat it by Michael Jackson
Did you see joe at the party perform the South African serenade?
by Joe1916 August 20, 2023
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Its when you stick a Vuvuzela up a girls ass and then blow into it...
I got this bitch loaded up on "Brown Browns" last night and gave her a South African Sunrise.
by MattNickMark July 11, 2010
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-noun. a highly advanced sexual position where the male ejaculates onto his lover's eyes and simultaneously poops into his partner's mouth. The South African Salamander developed its name from the apparent glazed eyes and lip-licking tongue of its first victims during the 14th century.
She was forced to clean her contact lenses after he gave her a South African Salamander.
by Dr. Bottom March 18, 2010
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Like any other flapjack, only just a little smaller. It is also more likely to be accompanied by cheese and jam instead of blueberries.

Also refered to as a plaatkoekie ('small plate cake')
one guy: Hey my bru, toss me another plaatkoekie? the stuff's addictive ek-se!

other guy: Awe!

(south african flapjack)

by ghj November 30, 2007
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