to do something too soon, especially without thinking carefully about it (Originally used in sports contests that are started by firing a gun. If someone running in a race jumps the gun, they start running before the gun has been fired to start the race.)
He shouted at me before I had time to explain, but later he apologised for jumping the gun (jump the gun).
by nemez January 14, 2011
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to do something prematurely
I think I jumped the gun on calling her "bitch." she won't talk to me anymore, I guess it was too early.
by bitch November 22, 2002
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To commit suicide, not necessarily by use of a gun.
Bob Jumped the gun because his wife was cheating on him.
by some guy November 22, 2002
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You jump the gun when you start doing something before the appropriate time.
Sorry I jumped the gun by telling Carol the news before checking with you
by Domingo Mihovilovic October 19, 2007
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doing something before your supposed to

example: one time, there was a hot girl I knew and when she asked my name, instead of telling her my name, I immediately told her my insta account name
Charlie: "Daniel you idiot, you were supposed to tell her your name. Quit jumping the gun."
by dankboo November 27, 2018
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1. To make or take a decision hastily without much consideration about it.

2. Rushing into something.
" - Nate, I think we should have a baby.
- Maybe you're jumping the gun here, honey. Let's finish highschool first."
by Gunwild May 15, 2017
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