to randomely jump in front of a stranger while they are walking and yell "JUKE!" then running off.
dick spent all day juking old people
by Joe E June 18, 2005
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To dance, especially in a juke or to the music of a jukebox.
We're going juking tonight at the Boar's Nest.
by Swarsfanatic June 26, 2005
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To stab with a stabbing instrument, like a knife, or sharp weapon.
Conan the Barbarian was juking some dude with his sword---no pity, man!
by wildwoman2 June 27, 2009
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In MOBA games, it refers to dodging a projectile before it was shot by the enemy by leading the enemy in a direction, then changing directions before the projectile is shot, to fake your direction so the enemy leads the shot in the different direction. It is opposed to 'dodging' because 'dodging' implies there is a projectile already shot that has to be dodged.

Juking = dodging a projectile's direction before it has been shot.

Dodging = dodging a projectile after it has been shot.
He stopped shooting to juke better. He is juking.
by BelgarionRiva March 18, 2017
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